Your ZITS don’t make you ugly! (REAL TALK)

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is a REAL TALK, which means it might contain mild swearing (but censored). Today’s post is about self confidence and what constitutes beauty, specifically about zits (also known as pimples/acne).

Often I see people stressed because of acne. I sometimes feel stressed because of acne. Companies like Proactive, Clearasil, etc, have made BANK on people’s fears of acne. But have you ever thought about it for a second?

For one, acne is SO common. In fact, it affects “up to 50 million Americans annually,” according to the American Academy of Dermatology! ( Why is such a common thing so feared? 

Why do people make fun of each other for zits? It’s so common to get breakouts now and then. We shouldn’t have to feel shame over something so normal. 

Yet teens with acne “experience increased levels of bullying and teasing” (source- )  from their peers. This bullying can lead to increased risk of developing depression and anxiety. 

Why has America stigmatized acne in this way? For the answer, we can turn to media.
Celebrities in magazines are airbrushed to the point where they literally have no pores. No human being could ever look like a celebrity in a magazine, not even that celebrity. Yet this standard of beauty is perpetuated throughout our media to a point where we assume it’s real. 

Acne doesn’t make you any less beautiful. You can still be beautiful with breakouts. Over 50 million other people have acne, it’s nothing ugly. Even babies can get acne! 

Don’t stress about your acne. It’s nothing terrible! Real beauty comes from inside, your personality and how you treat others.

Another point I wanted to touch on was how many people claim that acne comes from your diet, or people say things like “just wash your face (hair, etc)”. For some people (like myself) acne is a hormonal problem. I can’t just fix it. Acne isn’t always because of the person’s actions, and it’s rude to assume so.

So that’s what I wanted to say on this subject! Thank you so much for reading. I hope this helps all my readers with acne feel more confident in your own beauty!

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I love you all!

See you in tomorrow’s post!