How to Start Your Self-Care Journey

Ciao lovelies! Today we’re talking about self-care, and most importantly, how to start your self-care journey.

For some, self-care sounds like something they’d never do. They think they don’t need it, or that it’s just for “hippies” or whatever. But self-care is important for everyone, no matter what you’re like.
Self-care should never be neglected.
So how do you start the self-care journey when you’ve never even considered it before? Grab a pretty notebook and cute pen. Let’s start!
Write where you are right now, emotionally. Are you stressed? Insecure? Sad? Unsatisfied? Write it all down. Write things you think you’d like to change, and work on. Do you have any unhealthy habits? Internalized aggressions? Write those down as well. Write out everything about your current mental state.
Date this page. Doodle on it some if you’d like. This is the first page of your self-care journey. Throughout this process, refer back to it to see how far you’ve come.
Self-care doesn’t just mean things like slime and yoga. Self-care is also about things like personal growth and taking care of your mental health. Sometimes self-care means recovery from things like eating disorders and self-harm.
So, on the next page, use bright, beautiful colors, and write out your desired methods.
Write ways you’d like to care for yourself. Make this page as lovely and happy as you can, even if it’s abstract.
Don’t know what kinds of things to write on this page? Write generally. So “Taking care of physical health” can encompass eating well, exercising, yoga, being more hydrated, taking vitamins, etc etc. “Taking care of mental health” can encompass journaling, meditation, seeing a therapist, using a zen garden, doing daily affirmations, spending time with friends and family, etc etc. “Getting my life together” can encompass using a planner, motivating yourself to do difficult tasks, organizing your stuff, taking healthy risks, etc etc etc….
Now, on the next page, write your goals.
What do you hope to achieve with self-care? Do you wish to lower your stress? Recover? Achieve personal growth? Write out your desired goals in pretty colors and doodle happy little pictures around the goals.
Great! Our intro is done. Now, let’s get into the first day of the journey.
Flip the page. Write “Day One” across the top, super fancy or however you’d like it.
Write 5 ways you’ll take care of yourself this day. Write the date. Decorate the page.
Now, on your first day, (the date you wrote,) do the 5 things you outlined. If you want, you can write summaries/reflections of what each method made you feel, but you don’t have to do this. It does help for self-reflection purposes though.
This journal will be your bff through your self-care journey. You can constantly refer back to different days and see exactly how you took care of yourself.
So, I hope this helps any of you start your self-care journey! Have you ever heard of a self-care journal before? I hope so!
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See you tomorrow!