5 Most Terrifying Creepypasta Stories

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is about 5 terrifying Creepypasta stories! Creepypasta, for those who don’t know, is a word that’s a variation of the internet phrase “copypasta” or, copy paste. AKA, a story that’s been passed around the internet a lot. These stories are both “official” creepypasta (from the Creepypasta wiki) and some stories from Reddit Nosleep.

Please note that this list is in no particular order, and based on personal opinion and the opinion of friends. Please also note- while I am trying not to give spoilers here, I can’t help but explain the events of the stories. I will try not to give away the major plot twists, but just be aware that basic summaries are below. ALSO NOTE- Horror images below. Read at your own risk.

#1- It’s Locked
A terrifying, horribly realistic and possible story from the Nosleep Reddit. It’s pretty simple in storyline, a woman moves into an apartment on her own, notices things moving, missing, etc. She begins developing habits, turning the doorknob, saying over and over, it’s locked. The door starts to be unlocked in the mornings. She sets up a camera, and finds something horrifying. But that’s not the major twist in this story.

Ugh, when the twist is revealed, I actually started crying from fear. I listened to Cryaotic read it originally, and his use of music with it is brilliant. The video above is the Cry Reads, this story is the second one in the video.
Never trust a new apartment, always change the locks.

#2- Russian Sleep Experiment
This one is a personal fave of my roomie. I knew I should include it in this list.
The basic summary is rather interesting, the Russians keep POW’s awake for ridiculous amounts of time, giving them drugs. After a while, the prisoners go insane. The atrocities that occur are described in full, horrible detail in the story. Take a read for yourself, but beware- it’s graphic. This story will give you an existential crisis about the true meaning of insanity.

#3- We Don’t Talk About Sarah
This story not only scares you, but messes with your emotions. The most I can reveal without spoilers is thus: A little child wants a little sister. The parents get him/her one. That sister isn’t seen again. 
But this story is soo much more than that.
 It’s definitely worth a read, or listen (above).

#4- The Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas
Ok, this one had me so utterly wrapped up that I kept trying to find out if this town was real. Like, I was shook. This story is wild, a whole town disappears under ridiculous apocalyptic conditions and is never seen again. Reading it didn’t seem as scary, but hearing it read with the 911 calls acted out, oh lord. 
It’s a wild ride, listener beware.

#5- The Smiling Man
A classic Let’s Not Meet Reddit story, a man goes on a late night walk and encounters a strange, smiling man. And becomes prey?
This story is absolutely terrifying. It doesn’t overdo it, so it’s still believable. What would you do in this person’s situation?

What is your fave creepy story? Let me know in the comments!

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