2 Super Easy Beauty DIY’s With Glue

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post has two super easy Beauty DIY projects using non-toxic school glue!

DIY #1- Fake Watercolor “henna” Tattoo
Have you ever wanted to make your own henna-like tattoos? Have you ever admired someone’s watercolor tattoo, but don’t want to commit? We can make fake tattoos using school glue and food coloring!

Use a non toxic white school glue, and mix it with whatever colors you want. Draw the design onto your skin with a paintbrush. Here is what mine looked like when it was still wet:
Once it fully dries, peel off the dried glue to reveal your beautiful temporary fake watercolor tattoo!
This is super easy, and the glue makes it easier to paint designs and not have the food coloring bleed out of the design. Plus it gives it a faded, watercolor appearance. It lasts until you take a shower.

DIY #2- DIY Peel Off Lip Stain Tattoo
Have you ever wanted one of those peel off lip stains, but didn’t want to go out and buy it? We can make our own using non-toxic school glue and red food coloring.
Mix the food coloring and the glue, and apply to the lips. It’s totally safe because the glue is non toxic. Just don’t lick it off, it tastes awful. It looks very dark and vibrant while it’s wet:
Keep your mouth open while it dries. Once dry, carefully peel it off and reveal the paler red color on your lips! The color will stay for about 6 hours.

These two beauty projects can be done cheaply and easily using ingredients you probably already have at home! You should try them out for yourself on a rainy day. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more DIY projects!

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I’ll see your lovely faces again in tomorrow’s post!