Tips for Academic Success Towards the End of the Year

Ciao lovelies! I know that as summer approaches, many students are having a hard time making it to the end of the semester. As restlessness and impatience hits, many of us want to give up and stop trying our best in class. We daydream, forget assignments, do assignments at the last minute, and as a consequence, we panic as the end of the semester draws closer and our GPA is stagnant. So what do we do about this sad phenomena? Are we doomed to repeat this cycle of dying academic flame every year?

Well, with some simple tips, we can bring back our motivation for school, that organization we had at the beginning of the semester, and return to academic greatness once more. Let’s begin!

Tip #1: Split up your workload.

Dividing your work up makes it easier to tackle! Towards the end of the semester, work will seem to pile up, but you can prevent this miserable phenomena with some simple planning. If you know that you have a term paper due in three weeks, and it’s 10 pages long, do a page every weekday, spend 2 days for revision and one day to perfect your bibliography. The work will be much less stressful this way, rather than waiting and leaving yourself only a week, or even a day.

Tip #2: Schedules are your friend.

In life, sometimes we just need structure. The same is true for academic life. Set aside specific times to do everything in a day, and leave the weekends for free-reign. Your grades will thank you. A pretty good structure to go on is to treat college like a 9-5 job. (In theory, I know that class schedules are different.). Wake up at the same time everyday, regardless of whether you have a class that morning. Work hard until dinner, and then work a little more leisurely until shower or recreational time in the evening. Trust me, it sounds boring, but you will get better grades, and also will get into good habits for the future.

Tip #3: Don’t skip class!

I know that as the semester slowly draws to a close, the temptation to skip class grows stronger. You have an easier time making excuses as to why you don’t need to go. But I can assure you, going to class becomes even more important during the final 2 months of a semester. For one, your class may have unscheduled quizzes, exams, homework assignments, or may cover additional material not presented on the syllabus. For two, the more classes you skip, the more you fall out of those good habits we talked about in tip #2. And for three, please allow me to break into a small tangent, please do not skip class as it is very disrespectful to your professors. Similarly, please don’t play on your phone during class either. Depending on the university, professors don’t make as much as you think they do. Many professors teach as a side job, or are simultaneously doing research while instructing at your university. They are choosing to instruct you and pass on their knowledge. Please don’t disrespect them.

Above are the tips I think are most important for making it to the end of the semester with your GPA intact, however I do have some more, smaller tips:

-Keep your school supplies organized!
-Practice good note-taking habits!
-Stay well rested!

Good luck on all of your academic endeavors, my dears! See you in the next post!
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  1. This post will actually help me this upcoming school year! Thanks!


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