Five Ways to Get Motivated

Ciao lovelies! I'm sorry that today's post wasn't at the usual time. I have been having some depression issues, specifically with motivation, so that's actually why I'm writing this post! 

A few administrative things first; today and probably tomorrow's posts will be later in the day. I have some free time tomorrow, so I'll sit down and write some more posts. I don't mean to use my mental health as an excuse, but I have been having some difficulties with my depression lately. But I hope to regain my mojo soon!

That all being said, let's get into the post!
Today's post is all about getting motivated!

#1- Goal Assessment
In order to get motivated, you need to properly assess your goals. What are you working towards?
Some questions to think about when assessing goals:
-What specifically do I want to accomplish?
-Are my goals long or short term? (Long being like years, and short being months, weeks, or days.)
-Are my goals reasonable in the timeline I've laid out?

As an example, here are my current goals.
 As you can see, my long term goals are things I want to get to in a few years. My short term goals are things I want to achieve in a few months.

#2- Make a To-Do List
This one seems like a no-brainer, but it is a big part of the motivation process. I love to-do lists because I can keep track of things I've accomplished. The feeling of crossing something off my to-do list keeps me motivated when nothing else does. To get specific goals accomplished, try making to-do lists of smaller tasks necessary to achieve the goal. For example:

Goal: Improve blog quality
-Update Design
-Write more interesting topics
-Create reader survey
-Interact with audience genuinely 

All goals can be broken down in this way to decide what needs to be done to accomplish goals.

#3- Assess Your Obstacles 
This may sound counter intuitive, but assessing the obstacles between you and your goals can help in a few ways. 
-Knowing what you'll be facing will make the goal less daunting
-This exercise will probably show you that the obstacles you're facing are easier to overcome than you think. If an obstacle looks daunting to you, brainstorm ways to overcome it. I guarantee that nothing is impossible with the right mindset. 

#4- Dress for success.
I know I harp on this over and over, but dressing up can really affect your mindset. 
For motivation, I like to dress either really cute, really professional, or both. For the sake of publishing this today (and so I don't spoil a future blog post) I'll be showing you all some Polyvore outfits of business-cute style.
Everyone is different, though. What do you wear when you're motivated? Tag @onlyfunthingsblog in all your #bossbabe OOTD's on Instagram to possibly be featured!

#5- Get into the Right Environment
A change in atmosphere can equal a change in mindset. If you find yourself drained of motivation, try switching to a more professional environment, like a library, conference center, desk, or office: brainstorm your ideas in this new space. The change in location should kickstart your mind, and the professional atmosphere should keep you working towards your goals.

What do you lovelies think of this list? What do you do to get motivated? Let me know in the comments!

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Have a lovely day!