DIY Felt Flour Bag

Ciao lovelies! Today we're going to do some fun DIY together, a DIY kawaii felt flour bag for dolls, accessories, etc.
So for this project, you need felt, thread, needle, scissors!
I'll put the picture here and then explain it all underneath.
Okay, so:
Step one- Cut the pieces like shown.
Step two- Sew the hearts onto the big rectangles (I'm using a blanket stitch for all of it.)
Step three- Sew everything together, inside out 
Step four- Turn it right side out, and then run a straight stitch across the top. And you're done! 
Now you can turn it into a necklace, keychain, plushie, or use it for dolls! If you want, you can leave the top un-stitched and attach velcro and use it as a coin purse.

Will you all be trying this DIY? Let me know!

Fun fact- I was trying to create a milk carton. This happened instead, hehe ^-^ Happy accidents. 


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