Anime Review- Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Ciao lovelies! Today, I’m reviewing a relatively popular new anime, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid! (Also called Kobayashi-san Chi no Meidoragon in Japanese.). I am rating this anime probably like 16+. It has some sexual innuendo and adult themes (like drinking), kind of like a PG-13 movie, but also has a lot of swearing. Now, on to the review!

I watched this anime through episode 10 the other day, and I thought it was pretty good so far!

This anime follows the story of Miss Kobayashi, a relatively normal woman who works in an office and drinks a bit too much. She has chronic backpain and hangovers, but other than that vice, a relatively normal life.
Until one day, she is about to leave for work. She opens the door and is greeted by a dragon.
 The dragon takes human form and Miss Kobayashi lets the dragon in. They converse, the dragon introduces herself as Tohru-chan, and explains that she met Miss Kobayashi while the latter was drunk in the woods, and that she was invited to live with her and be her maid. Miss Kobayashi agrees after feeling intense guilt. 

But Tohru is a problematic housemaid, with a penchant for washing Kobayashi’s underwear in her mouth.
Kobayashi begins teaching Tohru how to be a proper maid, and tries to get Tohru to stop attempting to feed her own tail meat to Kobayashi. We are also introduced to Kobayashi’s work friend, Takiya, an otaku who discusses maids with Kobayashi when they go out drinking.

As the story progresses, we meet more dragons and humans, and Tohru, Kanna:
(a dragon introduced later who was exiled from their original home because of her love of pranks), and Kobayashi form a close family unit.

The overall story was super cute, minus the super uncomfortable sexual elements, but those weren’t nearly as frequent as some anime (fanservice is rather epidemic among recent anime).
For the storyline, I’d give this anime a 4/5. It develops its characters well, nothing feels forced, and the development of the family is wildly cute. I wish there wasn’t so much odd fanservice, but eh, it’s anime, what can you do.

I loved the characters in this anime! My fave was Kanna because she was so adorable! I wish in the future if I ever have children, that they’re as cute as Kanna.
I liked how this anime had canon gay (possibly bi or pan?) characters! Tohru openly admits her feelings towards Kobayashi, and Kobayashi develops her own feelings towards Tohru (though it doesn’t feel forced, which is nice.). 
Kanna’s school friend Saikawa is in love with her as well, the two eventually come to a point where they basically admit that they want to marry in the future. 
While we can’t know if these characters are purely gay, or bi, or pan, we know at least that they’re LGBT, and that’s awesome!
I like also the chemistry between the characters, and how none of it felt forced or artificial.
So for characters? 5/5!

So, as you can guess by the title, fashion in this anime has definite points towards maid fashion.
Tohru herself wears a maid outfit that was inspired by a maid café she flew over:
It’s cute, but I liked her more in the casual outfit that Kobayashi buys for her:
I also wish they had tried more types of maid outfits. Kobayashi had a different type in her closet which Tohru tries on:
I couldn't find any screenshots, I couldn't find the artist even with reverse image search, let me know if you know the artist!
But I wanted her to try other styles too. I also don’t like that she kept her headdress on with like EVERY outfit. It just didn’t match.

For Kanna, the other “Main” character, the show itself describes her as “Goth Lolita, tribal inspired.”. While I don’t see the Goth Lolita elements, I like Kanna’s outfit a lot:
I definitely think she would be difficult for someone to cosplay though, because of her giant beads in her hair. 

Overall, the fashion in the show is fitting for each character, and is cute without going overboard, 5/5!

What do you all think of this anime? Have you seen it? My biggest complaints with it are the strange sexual tones at times and the weirdness with Lucoa and Shōta made me super uncomfortable. But ignoring those parts, it was relatively decent! On an overall scale, I’d give it a 4/5!

Thanks for reading! Do you like seeing reviews? Do you have anything you want me to review? Let me know!
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