3 Small DIY's

 Ciao lovelies! This post is going to be 3 small DIY ideas for you all to try!

Each of these DIY's was super simple!

DIY 1- Badges
 This DIY was pretty simple. For the bear, cut out the peices shown, stitch together with a blanket stitch, then stitch a basic bow and add a button and attach to the bear, then quickly stitch on his face details. 
For the Cupcake, I used a graphic from an old doll shirt and slip-stitched it onto white felt. 

DIY 2- Cute Clothespins
 This was also super simple. Buy mini clothespins at the dollar store and hot glue cute things like pompoms and rinestones to them, and you're done!

DIY 3- Hot Glue Charms
For this one, get parchment paper. You can sketch your designs beforehand or freehand them with the hot glue gun. Peel them off the parchment paper, and paint them (or use nailpolish). You can use these for anything you want! 

I hope you all liked these small DIY's!