Repurposing File Holders

Ciao lovelies! Today we are finding different uses for file holders!
Let's go!

Use #1
Is your makeup collection in need of new storage? 
Would you like a more cute, stylish, and convenient way to store your makeup? 
Let's begin!
Grab a cute file holder from your local dollar tree, an old pirouline tin, and a old tupperware!
Let's start with lip products!
Here is my collection:
Wow, what a mess! Let's clean it up.
I'm putting most of them into a old tupperware:
So neat and tidy and ready to go into the file holder!
Next is eyeliners, mascara, brushes, etc!
These are going into the Pirouline tin:
Perfect! Let's put it all together!
Now all my makeup is in the file holder! It looks nice and neat now!

Use #2
Let's make the items we use everyday easier to access!
First let's gather the stuff we use daily or semi daily.
 I started with hair products. I use detangler daily (I'm in love with this Barbie Cotton Candy scent detangler from Dollar Tree!). I also have dry shampoo in this set, I don't use it every day, but I use it in between showers so it belongs in this set. I also got my hairbrush.
Next I added other things I use almost daily. My facial moisturizer is in this set, along with my daily perfume (I use different perfumes for special occasions). Also I added deodorant (a daily required item) and my hair band to keep my hair back when I'm working, applying face masks, or putting on my moisturizer. 
Let's put it all in the file holder!
Everything looks so neat and tidy!

The last step for both these uses is to place the containers next to my bed on my desk:
This location is for ease of access!
Here is a comparison of the holders side by side:
It is tricky to make each holder look perfect, but they look cute side by side on my desk!

I hope to share more organization tips in the future!


  1. These are some great ideas! Thanks for sharing them!


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