Fun Find- Dollar Store Washi Tape!

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm sharing with you a great deal I found recently for my planner and school supplies!
So the other day at Dollar Tree, I found this cute washi tape!
I just love the little flag design! Of course, because I got it at Dollar Tree, it was only a dollar, which is fantastic! They had other cute designs, but I liked this one best for my planner and art journal!
here are some craft ideas for washi tape that this fun find could be used for!
A glassware upgrade from Washi Tape Crafts!
Dollar Store Crafts has this post about Valentine's Day Crafts with Washi Tape!
The Pin Junkie suggests using washi tape to make unique gift decorations!

I may do some planner related or art journal related posts in the future.
Would you all be interested in posts of that nature?


  1. Thank you for this idea....I didn't know the dollar store had unique scrap book tape....I will share this great find with my sister....because she loves washy tape.

    1. Thank you for reading! I'm glad I could share a fun find with you!

  2. Thanks for letting people know. I often spend up to three dollars a roll on this type of tape! Ignore the people who are spending their time being negative about what you post. They should look elsewhere if this does not interest them - or better yet try writing their own blog. I enjoy reading your blogs!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad I could let you know about a good deal for washi tape!


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