Everybody Wants to Save The World- Here’s How We Start

Ciao lovelies! Today we are talking about how we can save the world- starting now!
So I asked friends and fellow students how they would save the world.
I got some pretty interesting answers, such as "to save the world, we need more lesbians," and some very well thought out answers about ending global ignorance as well. 
So I got to work, and made these fun graphics for some ways that we can start saving the world today!
 Saving the world can always start with the environment!
Our lovely mother earth needs your support! Too often, people litter, and destroy the planet with their wasteful ways. We need to start giving back to the earth and nature in any way we can!
Please make sure to conserve, recycle, upcycle, and in general, take care of our planet!
 A great point made by someone on Facebook, was that much of the world's issues stem from ignorance. Rather than educating people on their ignorance, many choose to simply belittle them or get into massive fights. We need to start educating rather than bullying!
Spread love! Love is a powerful force behind global change. We need to love each other if we want to see any substantial worldly changes. Love and understanding go a very long way. 
 Stand up for what you know is right. Make a difference by defending basic human rights! Stand against what you know is morally wrong!
Support the innovators! Back advances in science, technology! These things could save lives, or save the world.
 Extend a kind hand to anyone who needs it!
 Keep your head up and stay positive.
 Bees are very important to the environment! We need more bees! Save the bees!
 Don't judge others. Unless it's your job, but don't judge others outside of that.
Spread peace. Whether it's through conflict resolution or spreading kindness, do your part to spread peace!

What do YOU think will save the world?


  1. All of these are great! BUT really, I think the important take-away is bees. We need more bees.


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