5 Ways to Make Every Day an Adventure

Ciao lovelies! Today we're going over 5 ways that we can make every day an adventure!
Before I begin, I want to explain why I think this is an important topic!
I believe that sometimes life can get boring and mundane, and when we think life is mundane, we tend to become what I like to call "NPC's". Now, for those not in the gaming scene, an NPC stands for "Non-Player Character," aka a person like a merchant, enemy, person who sends you on a side quest that you know you don't have time for but you do it anyway because I NEED TO FULLY COMPLETE THIS GAME *ahem*, etc. Now, I'm applying this gaming term to people who don't get fully involved in life because I want to view life as a video game (in a metaphorical sense.) Think of it this way. You are Player One in your own life! You are the main character. You are the Mario, Link, Chell, Booker Dewitt, (you get it by now I''m sure) main playable character of your own life!  
Therefore, YOUR life is an adventure! Every choice you make determines your outcomes, every task becomes a sidequest, every big task a mission, etc, etc. 
Look I'm sure by now you get my metaphor, so moving on to my point.
If you let yourself become an NPC by being passive in life, that means that someone else is controlling your life! And we certainly don't want that.
So how do we make everyday an adventure in order to engage fully with our lives? Let's get into the 5 ways!
1. Bring a camera everywhere, and use it freely!
The reason I recommend this is because carrying a camera around with the intention to use it as often as possible will make you view the world through different eyes. You will see once "mundane" things as exciting new ideas for photography. The world photography really provides you with a new lens on life (okay I am very sorry for that pun. My apologies.)
2. Always dress for an adventure! 
This is actually subjective. Do you think that dress for an adventure means dress as fancy as possible to live the adventure of constant human interaction as everyone tells you how cute you are? Or do you think this means dress as comfortably as possible to be in perfect position for adventure to strike? Or even do you interpret this to mean wear a safari hat all day? The choice is yours!
3. Keep a journal! 
Writing about your daily experiences will actually help you view them as more exciting! You can even write your experiences into crazy, embellished stories for your own future reading amusement. Just don't tell others the embellished version.
4. Take the path less traveled....literally! 
Take new routes home, discover new favorite eating places, new hangout spots, new shops. Discover, explore, live!
5. Mix it up!
Do things you wouldn't normally do. Try new foods, change your fashion style, hair color, hair style, makeup style, room decor, whatever you want! Change can be good in breaking the monotony of daily life. 

What do you all think of this concept and these ideas? Do you think you will try to make every day an adventure from now on? I know that I personally strive to do so every day!

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As always, thank you all so much for your support and continued readership. I love you all so much and love bringing positivity to you! Have a lovely day!

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