Updates to the Monster High Collection

Ciao Lovelies! Recently my Monster High Family grew in size!
You all know how my Monster High collection started with the Ghoulfriends, a CircDuChic Frankie that I customized and a Reboot Draculaura that I customized. Well after Christmas and some shopping, my collection has expanded exponentially!
Here is the in-depth collection!
 My Cleo DeNile is from the "Welcome To Monster High" DVD series! She came with a masquerade mask!
I have 2 Draculauras. One is the Bat Version, her wings fold down when you flip a lever on her dress. And one is the reboot, who I repainted her face and accessories and restyled her hair.
 My two Frankies. One is CircDuChic Frankie, who I customized and redyed her hair. The other one is from the "Welcome to Monster High" DVD series and came with 3 Masks!
 Isi Dawndancer comes from the "Brand Boo Students" collection, and came with a stand and diary. I love her SOO much. Her hair is so soft!
Lastly, my cats! Toralei is from the "Great Scarrier Reef" Collection and Catrine is from "Shriekwrecked".

I may do in-depth reviews of the dolls later.
I hope you liked seeing my Monster High Family!