New Year's Prep- Secret Phase 6- Mental Health!

The secret phase is....Mental Health!
Mental Health needs to be cared for to start the year off right!
The thing you need to keep in mind to be in the right mindset for the new year is Clean Slate!
That's right! You need to declutter your mind just like you would a computer or a bedroom!
How do we accomplish this?
-Cut out toxic people! Forget fake friends, "Frenemies", stop texting your ex and just let go of any people who don't make you happy!
-Delete those old contacts, and then block them! Don't let those people back in your life.
-Unfriend all those toxic, rude, etc people on Facebook, Instagram, whatever!
The next step is to care for yourself in the new year and beyond!
-Forgive yourself for small mistakes in 2016
-Make peace with any issues left from the new year
-Offer yourself words of encouragement
-Remind yourself of your strengths
-Maybe make a "Positivity Jar", a jar in which you put good things about yourself in it and then read it when you feel down
Thanks for being here for all these phases! Happy New Year my dears!