New Year's Day OOTD

 Ciao lovelies! As we know, the New Year has come and gone, and I have been *gasp* late with posting my OOTD! EEK! Sorry about that. I will try to be more punctual with other holidays! So here is my OOTD!
Here is the outfit that I wore on New Years! (And some extra pics)
Headband- Claires $3
Choker- Hot Topic $7
Bat Necklace- Aliexpress $2
Dress- Thrifted Hot Topic $3.50
Socks- Christmas gift

Bonus Pics:
Hat- Borrowed from my brother
Jacket- Paramore/Hot Topic

And here is the fabric pattern on the dress:

The vlog has been removed because some people found my statements offensive even though I said nothing offensive.*shrugs* oh well...