New Doll Faceups

Ciao Lovelies! Here are my most recent doll Faceups!

 To turn the bat-wings Draculaura into Mothwoman, I repainted her eyes, lips, and birthmark, and restyled her hair. Her eyes also have holographic flakes in them.

To turn Great Scarrier Reef Toralei into Sea Witch Toralei, I repainted her eye makeup, eyebrows, whiskers, and lips, then added extra face paint and green highlights on her tail. Toralei's new look is inspired by my friend Micaela's contest-winning Halloween costume.
To turn Welcome to Monster High Frankie into the beautiful Estienne, I restyled her hair, redid her brows, added some paint to her lips, added blush and beauty marks, and repainted her eyes and lightning mark makeup.

Do you lovelies like these faceups?
I personally think I did the best on Estienne, she's so cute!