Doll Shopping! Plus Reviews!

Ciao lovelies! Recently I added to my collection of Monster Highs (Will post more about that later) and also bought some new accessories to take photos! 
So I bought some new Barbie sets from the Camping Fun packs, and Mini House Accessory Packs! I also bought Monster High Minis (Which I'll do a collection post later) and a My Little Pony Figurine. And also bought a set from the Barbie Furniture Line! Time for some reviews and Doll Photography!
First Up, the Camping Fun set! I got the marshmallow/campfire set! This set came with a folding chair, campfire (the logs and fire are separate pieces that can be put together), the ukulele in Catrine's hands, and the marshmallows on sticks. 
Overall- I like this set a lot! I like how the fire can be removed from the logs. I also like the little marshmallows on the sticks.  I think I will repaint the ukulele to bring out the details, and maybe repaint the folding chair.
5/5 stars!
Next Up, the Sushi Set! This set came with two sets of chopsticks, two plates, two drinks, and the sushi tray! I like this set a lot cuz the little chopsticks are so cute! And the pieces fit well in my Monster High doll's hands!
Overall, 5/5 stars! Very nice and well painted! Every item in this set has the "snap" feature underneath that can secure it to other items in the recent Barbie house sets!
Next up, here is the bathtub set! I like this set a lot. It even has a bath mat and a tray! On the tray is a "rubber" duckie, shampoo and body wash, all of which can snap into place on the tray and have handles for the doll.
Here is Great Scarrier Reef Toralei in the tub:
Overall I give this set 5/5! I like the new Barbie furniture sets a LoT!
Next up is the Monster High Mini!

I put her next to the Barbie Sushi Set Cup for size reference! She is very cute, just like all the Monster High Minis! She is from the Going Ghostly series and is Common.
I give her a 4/5 since she had some scratches. But the price of these things is great! (I'm doing a better in-depth review in my collection post)
Lastly is the MLP figure. I got Maude Rock Pie:
I may repaint her, but I like her a lot! She is slightly wobbly, but she was only a dollar (My local Dollar Tree sells these figures)
 Here is her next to some other mini figures. 
4/5 overall!
Bonus pic- Mini figures and doll accessories in the Monster High Minis' lockers!
What do you all think of these toys?


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