Doll Review- Ever After High's Apple White

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm reviewing a doll from Ever After High- Apple White!

 She is not my first Ever After High Doll, but she is my first EAH (Ever After High) Doll that came new in the box. My actual first EAH doll was Briar Beauty from the  "Getting Fairest" line, but I got her at a thrift store, out of the box and used. (Though she was only $3, and we turned her into a Posion Ivy inspired warrior woman!) So this doll is my first EAH new out of the box!
I found Apple White at my local Walmart for $9!
Here is how she looks:
I like her curls, I find them very soft and full.
Unfortunately, a problem with Apple White dolls is that they have a lot of glue in their heads to style the hair, and that glue leaks out and makes the hair greasy and gross. Apple's hair at the top is greasy and icky from this problem. I can solve this problem by washing her hair with GooGone, or giving it a boilwash, but these methods would take out her curls. So in terms of the hair, EAH dolls can't compare to Monster Highs, because they have too much glue in their heads.

Let's examine her box and read her story!
The shine from taking the picture makes it hard to read, so I'll type out her main summary.
"She may be destined to be the "Fairest of Them All", but Apple's
not just another princess waiting for her Prince Charming
to come to the rescue. This royal beauty is a motivated, smart,
natural born leader who takes her responsibility as the next
Snow White seriously. Every Mirror on the wall knows she wants
nothing more than for her "Happily Ever After" to come true."

Her purse can open, and like all the original line of
EAH's she came with a stand and brush:

 Of course, I had to try out some clothing swaps.
Here is Catrine in Apple's Ensemble:
 And here is Apple in Catrine's:
What do you think of Ever After High Dolls?