5 Small Daily Health Improving Habits

Ciao lovelies! Today's post will tell you 5 small ways you can drastically change your health every day!

1. Drink at least 2 bottles of water a day.
Yes, I know, everyone says this. But truly, water has some amazing health benefits! Water does wonders for skin and hair health, and is essential to life. And besides, far too often most Americans only drink caffeinated drinks, which actually DEhydrate you! So replace those H20 molecules as much as possible!
SOURCE- http://www.loseweightbyeating.com/detox-water-recipes-fast-weight-loss/

2. Take the stairs.
Obviously don't follow this if you don't have the ability to take the stairs. But for those who can, taking the stairs every chance you get will slowly improve your muscle tone on your legs and increase your stamina in walking or running too! Your body will thank you, and so will your butt! That's right, stair-based exercises are often hailed as "natural butt lifts." So, for the sake of your legs and butt, take the stairs!
SOURCES- http://www.prevention.com/fitness/strength-training/tone-your-legs-and-butt-stair-workout

3. Improve your posture.
Your spine will really thank you if you take a few moments out of every day to check your posture! Sitting slumped over at a desk or computer, or even walking slightly hunched over can lead to back problems, neck problems, and shoulder problems! Always make sure to check your posture!
4. Stretch every morning when you wake up.
This very simple action will give your body (and you) time to fully wake up, and will also loosen up your muscles for easier movement throughout the day. After about a week of doing this, you'll feel a huge difference in how stiff you feel at the end of the day.
SOURCE- http://www.theactivetimes.com/fitness/technique/reasons-why-you-should-stretch-morning

5. Exercise for at least 10 minutes a day.
Whether its the ten minute jog to classes across campus or ten minutes of dancing, just ten minutes of exercise a day can have a great impact on your overall health! Your body will thank you, and you'll be thanking yourself when you see how much you've improved.
SOURCE- http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/workout/express/10-minute/

What do you lovelies think of these simple ways to improve your health? Do you already do some of these? Let me know!
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