5 Great Things That Happened in the Entertainment Industry in 2016!

Ciao lovelies! My last list like this was more in general and environmental. This list will be about 5 great things that happened entertainment-wise in 2016!

5 Great Things That Happened in the Entertainment Industry in 2016!

1.Tracer from Overwatch was canonly confirmed as gay!
 Image Credit of Blizzard Entertainment
Tracer from the game Overwatch was revealed to be canonly (for those unaware, the word Canon means official) gay! Rather than make a large announcement and spectacle, Blizzard Entertainment simply released their Christmas comics for the game, one depicting Tracer celebrating Christmas and kissing a female S.O. named Emily. Fans of the game Overwatch were divided over this realization. Some were angered, because they could no longer fantasize about a fictional character being their wife. The more level-headed fans were happy about this realization, because it meant more representation of LGBTQA+ in video games! 
What did you think of this news?

2. Leonardo Di Caprio Finally Got His Oscar!
 Image credit of Weknowmemes.com
 Congrats to Leonardo Di Caprio who finally won an Oscar for The Revenant! The internet has long joked and even complained that Leonardo Di Caprio deserves an Oscar and never got one for his iconic performance in Titanic. But now that he finally has the gold man, will the memes stop? Probably not. 
What do you think the next meme will be now that Leo has his Oscar?

3. Moana came out, and was groundbreaking!
Image credit of Disney and Fandango.com
Featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda's compositions and Dwayne Johnson, this movie was a groundbreaking hit! This film tells the tale of 16 year old Moana, next in line toto be a chieftain of her island, but she is drawn by the sea. Moana is groundbreaking because its leading character, Moana, is voiced by Auli'i Cravalho, who not only is actually from the Hawaiian Islands but was also only 16 when the movie came out! Moana is also one of the first "Disney Princesses" to not have a love interest (if you're counting Elsa.)
What did you all think of Moana?
Link to the Disney Wiki Page

4. Zootopia Came Out!
Image credit of Disney
Disney released both Moana and Zootopia this year, luckily for Disney fans! Zootopia was an important release, as it discussed topics of racism and inequality in a way children can understand! Having a movie like this in times like 2016 was much needed and appreciated. This film follows the story of Judy Hopps and her unlikely dream to be a police officer. She must team up with a fox and overcome her own prejudices to find missing animals. Throughout the film, themes of racism and overcoming prejudice are everywhere. The film even explores the idea of personal growth and forgiveness.
What did you all think of Zootopia?
Link to IMDB page

5. Hamilton became popular!
Image credit of Lin-Manuel Miranda
Hamilton actually came out before 2016, but it was skyrocketed to popularity in 2016. This play was written and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Late 2016 the play was pushed into national spotlight when the audience at a showing boo-ed future vice president and controversial figure Mike Pence.
Do you love this musical like millions of other Americans?
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Thank you, entertainment industry, for making 2016 bearable!
Let's hope for more great things in 2017!

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  1. This is very opinionated and bot very informative...

    1. Thank you for your comment! What are your top five things that happened in the entertainment industry in 2016?

  2. Also!
    -Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them finally came out!
    -Deadpool came out!
    - The global Tiger population is on the rise for the first time in 100 years
    - Harriet Tubman was announced to soon be replacing Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill
    - The worlds largest marine reserve was established
    - Pokemon Go players showed kindness by placing lures near hospitals so sick kids could join in the fun

    1. Sorry, I just realized half of those don't even have anything to do with the entertainment industry. I got off on a ramble of positivity! lol!

    2. Oh! I had no idea about the marine reserve that's awesome!
      I covered the thing about Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill in one of my previous posts, but the rest of these I haven't covered and are excellent reminders of how many good things happen if we just stop and reflect on them! Thank you so much for your wonderfully positive addition!


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