5 Daily Challenges for a Better Life

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm giving you 5 challenges to try out each day to improve your life!

1.Spread love and kindness!
Whether you go around granting compliments, write a sweet letter to a friend, call a family member just to tell them you love them, or tell your S.O that you appreciate all they do for you, make sure to spread love! I'm a firm believer in the balance of the universe, meaning you get what you put out. If you go around spreading love and kindness, your life will be enriched with it in return.

2.Take time to appreciate nature!
Natural beauty is all around us, and taking time to notice it will enrich your life. Stop to photograph a pretty sunset, make a quick sketch of a flower you saw, blow on a dandelion, walk a nature trail. Make an effort every day to connect with nature.

3. Learn something new every day.
Whether its a small piece of trivia or a life lesson, try to learn something new every day! Keeping your mind active and staying enthralled with life will keep you enthusiastic for each new day that comes your way!

4. Do something "childish".
Whether it's doodling on your paper or jumping in puddles, try to do something seen as "childish" every day. Not only will it keep your soul young, it'll remind you that "childish" things are only seen as childish by those who have no sense of fun!

5. Be honest.
Be honest in everything you do. Admit your mistakes, ask for help when you need it, tell the truth when asked for it, be upfront about your true feelings. Being honest keeps your soul light, as you don't need to worry about keeping up with lies. Not to mention, an honest person attracts other honest people.

What do you lovelies think of these challenges? Will you be doing them?
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