Two Doll Makeovers!

Ciao lovelies! In this post, I'll show you how I turned a dollar store doll into a horror doll based on the Black Dahlia and a Rapunzel Doll into a dragon-hybrid!
First the pictures, then the explanations:
 Below is the progress for both dolls. Rapunzel's transformation is on the left and the Dollar Store one is on the right!

First, for Rapunzel. She was the hardest, in a way. I repainted her leotard, and added some hot glue detailing. The wings are made from plastic from the Dollar Store Doll's Box with hot glue details. They were also painted and detailed.
The Dollar store doll- First I removed her hair, then I repainted her face and cut open her mouth and did the hot glue detailing. Next I painted her mouth with red paint, and sealed the whole face with clear polish. For her hair upgrade, I used wefts from an old black wig and hot glued them on in rows, then made her a beret from some felt and glued it ontop!
These girls were fun additions to my custom family. Next I plan to make over a dollar store mermaid doll and maybe repaint a dollar store pony or something XD
Love, Luna!