New Years Prep- Phase 5- Business Boost! ( + How to Write a Resume )

Ciao lovelies! Today's phase of New Years Prep is Phase 5, Business Boost!
This phase is going to help those looking to expand their careers in 2017! We will go over basics, like making a resume, job interview tips, and even career tips for people who want careers as youtubers, bloggers, or net idols!
Here are some things you need to include on a resume!
Getting the outline of a resume can be tricky, so here is a basic layout of a usual resume!
Once your resume is done, submit it alongside any job applications! (Most will ask for it directly).
On to the next step, how do we nail the interview?
Job interviews are all about confidence. Don't use this time to be modest! Showcase your skills and past experiences in a calm, confident manner. Here are some tips on job interviews:
About that tip "Dress for Success", it's our next objective!
Dress for success means dress appropriately for the interview! Here is an example:
Keep your look simple. If you want to go girly, try understated and classic jewelry like pearls. Use muted, earthy tones and crisp whites as well. And, very important, wear a watch! Pulling out your cell to check the time during an interview is a certain no-hire!
So, now you have some tips for conventional jobs, but what if you want to work from home?
 So you want to work from home, and be a youtuber, blogger, or simply need some tips to boost internet revenue? Look no further!
-Thumbnails are important! Nobody likes clickbait thumbnails, so avoid overly sexual or misleading thumbnails. Keep them interesting without being deceitful!
-Titles are also important! Keep them as short as possible and to the point! Don't capitalize everything or make them clickbaity though. You all know what I mean, "OMG I ALMOST DIED" or "HUGE GIANT AMAZING POOL" These kinds of titles are a no-go
-Keep a recognizable name! When opening a video, saying simply "hey guys its *insert youtube channel name here*" works wonders for brand recognition!
-As of 2016, youtube algorithms now recommend videos based on "Retention time" or how long your viewers stay watching your video. So manage length wisely! If you lose your viewers in the middle of your video, you lose recommendation spots!
-Reply to friendly comments! If someone comments on your video asking what ____ you used to film, answer! Viewer interaction helps establish you as genuinely caring about your viewers!
-DO NOT spam other youtube video comments asking people to look at your channel! This is annoying and rude.
-Ignore troll comments. Replying to them will only encourage them and make them spam you more. Just ignore them and they will go away.
-Try to post regularly. If you need to go on a hiatus, try to make a post before you leave explaining that you will be gone for a while but will be coming back (I suck at this and I'm sorry :'( ....)
-If you're like me and have times where you can be more productive than other times, try scheduling posts! Write a bunch of posts when you have the time, and schedule them for when you don't!
-It's okay to follow trends! If you want to make a post following the "what's in my bag" or "morning routine" etc trends, do it!
-If you don't know what to blog about, try some blogging prompts!
-It's okay to be inspired by other bloggers. However, if you use a original idea or trend of theirs, credit and link them!
-Always try to include some kind of visual element to your posts!
-Try to keep with a non-confusing tag system on your blog!
-Just have fun! Your blog will be more fun to read if you have fun writing it!
-Set your comments section to non moderated and only check it every so often. If you feel the need to keep your blog a positive space, delete all the hate comments. If you don't care, keep them and just answer the nice comments. It's up to you, however, checking for comments every day and moderating them will leave you exhausted (personal experience here).
-The peak times to post to Instagram are 9-10 AM and 5-7 PM (USA time, Regardless of eastern, central, or pacific.)
-When tagging, try to isolate tags in parenthesis so they don't look like your caption.
-Include cute emojis in your captions!
-Keep your bio short and to the point. Make sure the link in your bio leads to your main page.
-Try not to change your username too often.
-Keep your username short and sweet!
-Contrary to popular belief, your follower vs following count doesn't matter
-Try to include visual elements on all posts to a Facebook page
-Use Facebook pages mostly for informing followers about updates on other sites
-Facebook ads are actually very much worth the price! I was at 200 likes/followers on the page, ran an ad, and boosted to 600 in a week! (not sponsored!)
-Make sure the bio and link sections of your page are completed
-Maybe use the events section to schedule a time to go live on a platform like YouNow or even now with Facebook's live feature for your followers to ask questions!
-Getting your professional life in order for the new year is a good way to get a second look at what you've been doing and refresh, which can lead to job success!
Thank you all so much for sticking through all five main phases! Happy New Year's Eve! Tomorrow, wake up from your exhaustion after partying all night to the secret 6th phase!

UPDATE: Thank you for the anon who mentioned this, I didn't include anything on CV's so here are some links to help you write a CV!
What is a CV?
Writing Tips

Love, Luna! (Tomorrow I'll start using signoffs!)


  1. Don't forget about curriculum vitae (CV)!

    1. I'll be sure to add some links about CVs! Thanks for your comment! :)


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