New Years Prep- Phase 3- Health Upgrade!

Ciao lovelies! Today's phase of New Years Prep is Phase 3, Health Upgrade!
I get it, I get it, most "New Year, New Me" things always include Health, exercise, and diet, and we're all sick of thinking about it. But it IS important! This Phase includes traditional health topics plus hygiene!
Like most things, health must be assessed. What do you feel needs to be changed? Do you eat too much junk food? Feel tired and lethargic often? Break out in acne a lot? Have dark eye circles? What are your complaints?
Make sure that the "problems" you are pointing out can actually be fixed by healthy means! If you are aiming for weight loss, make sure you are able to lose weight and still be healthy weighted, and make sure you do it by safe methods! If the issues you point out to yourself aren't things that can be changed (like facial structure, body shape, etc) then these are not physical problems, but self-image problems!
Once you know what you want to fix, plan out your solutions!
Make sure you fully do your research to ensure that any solutions you find are safe and healthy.
Know what the differences between healthy and unhealthy are! Do not fall into traps of models and magazine covers!
I have made a chart showing the differences between healthy behaviors and unhealthy behaviors using common grievances:
  Once you have planned out your solutions, we can begin to put them into action, or choose a date to begin!
Here are some generalized Health/Hygiene tips!
-It can be easy to neglect personal care if depressed! But showering at least every other day will help you to feel a little lighter!
-Using cold water when conditioning hair can lock in the shine longer
-Taking baths with a cup of milk and a tsp of honey can lead to smoother skin!
-When brushing your teeth, don't forget to brush your tongue! Bacteria and other things are on your tongue too!
-Invest in detangler! It is much less damaging to your hair to use detangler for knots rather than tugging and breaking hair!
-Change your pillowcase at least once a month! Your skin oils and other icky things build up on pillowcases and can lead to breakouts!
-For skin moisturizing AND stress relief, you COULD buy a expensive stress-relief aromatherapy lotion (if you have the money, you actually might want to do this as well!). But if you're not wanting to drop a lot on lotion, buy an inexpensive hand lotion and mix lavender extract into it! When you feel yourself getting stressed, rub some lotion on your hands! Stress relief and smooth skin!
-If you stress or boredom eat (many people do this, it's nothing to be ashamed of!) and want to stop, try chewing gum every time you get the urge to stress/boredom eat! This will stop you from overeating between meals! Also, make sure you're getting enough nutrition from your main 3 meals a day! You may be overeating because your body isn't properly stocked on nutrients!
-Constantly getting dark circles under your eyes but you're sure you're getting enough sleep? Try eating more dark green veggies like broccoli! Or, potentially look into the possibility of having allergies, as those can cause dark circles too!
-Healthy body can lead to a happier mind! True, being fit will not "cure" depression/anxiety, etc. But remember that your brain is an organ, which can't function to it's full potential without the proper nutrients!
I'm setting my start date for a healthier life on January 1st, 2017! What am I doing? I'm going to try and cut down on sugary drinks and snacks, try to stop boredom/stress eating, I want to start a workout routine, and start regularly washing my face (I neglect this far too often!)!
While I admit this will be a hard phase for me, I am enthusiastic about the benefits to my health! I spent a lot of last semester sick (and being injured with a concussion), and I want to spend this semester bettering myself!
We can do this together!

See you in the next phase!

Love, Luna