New Years Prep- Phase 2- Home Refreshing

Ciao lovelies! Today's phase of New Years Prep is Phase 2, Home Refreshing!
Starting the New Year off with a clean, orderly, and refreshed living space can put you in the right mindset to have a true fresh start! A complete cleansing of a living space, complimented by fresh decor and helpful organization is in order to achieve the perfect 2017 year!
So let's begin!
The first plan of attack is to assess the mess! Look around you and prioritize. What should you clean first? Determine what you should begin with and then plan your battle strategy.
-You should begin by decluttering, taking out all trash and laundry!
-Plan where you want to keep everything, including how you will organize clothing, makeup, etc.
-Attack by picking small sections to focus on at a time, only moving to the next section once the current section is done!
Refreshing your decor can put you in a new mindset. Make it a habit to change up your decor every so often!
Changing color schemes, room accessories, bedding, even curtains every so often will help to keep things fresh.
Rearranging decor can also give a new feeling. Experiment with your decor to see what works best for you!
-Put something back in it's place immediately after use
-When something breaks, gets worn out, etc, replace it with something with a design you truly love. Liking your stuff will drive you to take better care of it.
-Schedule a weekly clean of your living area
-Make a specific place for everything and make sure it always is in its place unless it's being used
-Tidy the main floor space daily
-Schedule cleaning chores on easy to follow cycles
-Recognize your living space as what it is! It is so much more than just a place to sleep, eat, etc, This is your HOME, and it reflects you more than you think! A clean environment can lead to a clean mind.
-Treat your stuff with respect! Would you like to be thrown on the ground, stuffed under a bed, etc?
-Don't procrastinate. You should always make time to tidy your living space!
-Starting the New Year off with a clean living space will put your mind at ease and ready to face the challenges of the upcoming year
-For college students, a clean dorm room will really lower the stress levels for second semester!
-Being able to find and have all freshly washed clothing will really let you dress for success every day of the year!
-Even tidying a floor can be a small victory, and small victories always lead to larger ones! This victory may lead you to being a champion in 2017!
Ok I'll admit it, this phase was really hard for me. I often panic at seeing the messes I make, never knowing where to start cleaning and usually giving up, my room getting messier and messier until I'm freaking out!
But I really pushed myself to clean it up, because I wanted to keep to my word of completing these New Years Prep Phases with you all! And yes, I am going to have to do it all again when I return to college (oh joy.)
Let's keep going my dudes! I can, and you can, enter 2017 fully prepared to handle whatever the year throws our way!

Love, Luna