New Years Prep- Phase 1- Computer Cleanout

Ciao lovelies! Today's phase of New Years Prep is Phase 1, Computer Cleanout! 
Starting the year off with a well-organized computer will help you find old files easier, cut down on stress, and help you get into that New Year, New You feeling!
So let's begin! I'll be using my computer to demonstrate this, as mine has become full of files but not very organized!
I'll be demonstrating some techniques to reduce clutter using my pictures folder as an example.
Everything circled in Red needs to be deleted, as it is no longer needed! The SWOH folder just contained some dress up game pictures as inspo for the SWOH movie (which is completed, so I no longer need the folder). Video thumbnails are no longer needed. Bloggers is no longer needed. Saved pictures (both) are duplicates of another folder. The picture file is a raw picture that I have already saved. So all these files will be deleted. 
Everything circled in Green needs to be condensed into fewer folders. Each of these folders or files can be filed into something else.
Everything circled in Blue needs to be moved to another folder entirely. 
Analyzing and Identifying problem areas is a great way to start decluttering your files! By deleting and condensing, you will have less confusion on your screen. 
Now, the processes outlined in the paragraphs above have been completed, and you can see that the folder looks much better!
Follow these steps to declutter the rest of your computer!
-Learn how computers are organized. Usually, there's the root folder, usually called "This PC". Inside "This PC" are your main folders, usually "Videos", "Documents", "Music", "Desktop", "OS (C)" (The C Drive), and "Pictures". Inside these folders can be any folders you want.
-Go with simplicity. You don't need a hundred folders in the main folders. Aim for under 10.
-Inside of folders, be as specific as you want. You can make folders inside of folders for dates, subjects, etc.
-A folder should hold at least 5 items, unless it's a necessary folder. No use making a folder for one item.
-Know which folders you can NOT delete. You can't delete the Main Folders, or the folders labelled "Screenshots" or "Camera Roll", as these are destinations for programs on your computer!
-DO NOT move or delete source files/programs! If you aren't sure what files are necessary for your computer, ask someone who knows, like a IT person!
What habits should you form to keep your digital life manageable in the new year?
-Put saved files into proper folders as soon as you download them
-Don't create unnecessary folders! For the first few months, try to stick to any folders you left from this cleanout.
-Delete files that are no longer needed
  Why is keeping your digital files clean something you should do for the new year?
-To stay organized for second semester of classes
-To kickstart the "organized" feeling so you will stay on an organized path
-To reduce stress
-To feel refreshed
You've got this dears, only 5 more phases (including that secret sixth that will be posted on the 1st of the new year!). With each phase that passes, I will be doing them right along side you! Don't worry, we're in this together. Our goal is very attainable, to finally have a "New Year, New You!"
I believe in you and we can do every Phase!
Let's turn over a new leaf together! See you in tomorrow's phase!
Love, Luna