My first doll face-up!

I have a new special interest, Monster High Dolls! I liked Monster Highs in eighth grade, but I recently got back into them when I bought Magician Frankie for $4, and then the other night I bought the redesign of Draculaura and now long story short I'm hooked! I decided to do my very first "Face-up" on Frankie!
"Face-Up" is a term in the doll community for repainting or redesigning a Doll's face. I decided to go for a more gory and cute look on Frankie. So I designed her face first in a sketchbook, designing her with a empty and bleeding eye socket but also with cute thick eyebrows and freckles. So without further ado, I will post the picture of what I did! Then underneath the picture I will explain the steps.
So first step, I used sharpies to dye her hair half black and half pink with some white streaks, then I removed the factory paint on her eye. I cut out her eye area with scissors then melted the edges with a hot glue gun, then added some hot glue around the eye and down for blood and flesh. I then painted the eye area with black and red, and did her eyebrows and freckles. Lastly I used clear nail polish to seal the paintjob.
Over all, I think I did a good job for this being my first face up! The eyebrows aren't even, but then again, with only one eye, I doubt that Frankie could do her eyebrows even. I even gave her a new outfit and hairstyle-
I wanted to give her a "Phantom of the Opera" look (or "Frankie of the Opera", if you will.) So I gave her a french twist (even holding it in place with hairspray). I made her a psuedo-tailcoat with some felt, fake flowers, snap fasteners, and paint. I made her a pencil skirt with a slit in it and chains on it. (But I had to cut it off her cuz I couldn't take it off of her to switch clothes with her girlfriend Draculaura, by the way- I will make a post about the "Ghoulfriends" soon!).
Overall she's so fabulous!

Love always,