Making the "Ghoulfriends" Bed!

Hi Lovelies. I promise, soon I will explain the "Ghoulfriends"! But for now, here's a tutorial on how to make the bed I made for their apartment, which can store things in the back!
The extensive tutorial will be under this graphic!
 Take a medium sized box! Cut off the tabs. Then turn it over. Cover the top and sides with felt. Then make some pillows with leftover felt! Glue them to the bed so they don't fall off! Decorate with ribbon around the sides. I also glued pompoms on the "headboard." I chose to make a blanket out of felt and ribbon. Though when I go home on winter break I will make a more complicated comforter for them. 
This bed can double as storage if you turn it over and put clothes inside! The dolls can even fit inside the bed!

Next time, I swear I will explain the Ghoulfriends!
Love, Luna