Draculaura's NEW FACE!

I know that I said I would not give Draculaura a face up since she cost so much....buuuttt... I have no sense of impulse control....so....yep!
The next post in the Ghoulfriends saga, Draculaura gets a new face!
So, to set the stage, Draculaura was thinking about getting a new face since she really liked Frankie's. But she didn't want to get the gore element. She just wanted to be more of..."uncanny valley." She also wanted to have creepy hands and look a bit like Pan's Labryinth creepy monster dude... So She also went and got a face up!
Frankie waited nervously.........
(Frankie, that's not the best way to deal with stress....)
But the end result was super awesome!
Tadaaaa! Draculaura's new look is perfectly uncanny and creepy without needing the gore factor! The creepy "decayed" look of her hands also really adds to the creep factor! 
I repainted her irises, eyebrows, eyelashes, and lipstick. I also gave her a new hairstyle that showed off her cute pointed ears!

Frankie doesn't mind that Draculaura looks a lil uncanny now, in fact, she still thinks she looks as cute as ever!

Love, Luna!