Retail Haunts- 3

Ciao lovelies! In this beautiful Halloween season, one of my favourite things to do is to scout out how stores set up their Halloween sections! So in this series, I'll be posting some pics from store setups for Halloween!
~~~~~~Post 3~~~~~~
 I feel 'ya, skull. Halloween gets me unhinged too.
 So many animatronic items this year, including this caged crow!
 This skull bottle is perfect for poison- I mean punch!
 These decorations stay on the tamer, cute side of things.
 When you pick up the phone, it says creepy things! *Shudder* I didn't like this one so much.
 Mom and I were super impressed by this GIANT cat candy bowl!
 These cute lights look way too much like pinatas! They need to be careful or someone (totally not me) might try to get candy out of them!
 This plague doctor mask is super cool!
 The main centerpiece of the decor at Target, set up pretty nicely in my opinion!

 I'll be posting more installments soon!
Stay spooky!
Love always,