BBQ Quesadillas-College/Budget Cooking

Ciao lovelies! In this new series, I'll show you how to make filling meals on a very tight budget! College students like myself and other young adults who just started living by their own means can't spend a lot on food. So this series aims to show you how to make meals for 1,2, or up to 5 people-most under $10! 
So, the first recipe on this series- BBQ Quesadillas! I credit this recipe to my friend. Let's get started!
What you'll need:
You can buy all of these ingredients at Dollar Tree, and it makes 4 Quesadillas. So 4 tortillas for $4, not bad!

Basic Instructions:
Cook the chicken nuggets (either microwave them or in the oven)
Cut them up. Lay them on a tortilla, and cover with cheese. Cover in BBQ sauce. Lay another tortilla ontop and bake in an oven (or microwave).
Slice and you can eat!

Love always,