Ways to Deal With Depression

Ciao lovelies! As you know, this blog is a haven for seemingly random topics, as long as they are fun, interesting, or useful. This may fall into one of those "useful" categories. (Speaking of categories, don't worry, I will be updating the tag system as soon as I have time to sort through the posts on this blog...). Anyway, this post is for people like myself that suffer from Depression and have a hard time pulling themselves out of the down stages.
Depression, for many, is not a constant "down" state. You can have good days or even weeks, maybe even months, but inevitably you will have a bad "down" period. During these times, you may experience lack of motivation, loss of appetite, apathy, hopelessness, and fatigue. This post is just some of the ways I use to try and manage my "down" periods as much as possible.
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This may seem oversimplified, and no I'm not saying it'll "fix" anything. But it's a common thing that depression will make you forget about your personal hygiene. Taking a shower will, at the very least, give you time to have a good cry and wash your hair.

Again, it seems stereotypical, but music can really aid in this sort of thing. At the very least, you can pour your soul out singing along to your favorite music. And at the most, it may help you forget your worries for a while. I also find that music can change my mood from hopeless to empowered, depending on the songs. One warning, however, is that some music may be triggering. Try to avoid sad music.

--Contact With Friends and Family--
Depressed people often have no energy or motivation to spend time with loved ones, and as a result, may end up feeling lonely or more apathetic. Try to push yourself to spend time with friends, even though you might not want to. It can really help!

You don't have to be good at it, even doodling can help you. Just being able to direct a part of your attention to a simple task that allows you to create can be very beneficial to distracting you from depression.

The most important thing to remember is that it's okay. You aren't a burden and you certainly aren't a bad person. Some people just have chemical makeups that make them naturally depressed.
In fact, 6.9 percent of the United States population is depressed. It doesn't sound like much until you remember that's 16 million people, and only counts adults. You are not alone.

Hotline and number to call if you need help/are suicidal and live in the USA:

I hope this post helps someone in need!
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