Top 5 Tuesday- Things to Be Happy About!

Ciao lovelies! In today's Top 5 Tuesday, I'll tell you the Top 5 Things to be happy about!
#1- Baby animals!
It is very hard to be sad when thinking about bitty baby animals! <3

#2- Music!
If you're anything like me, music is one of your top favourite things ever! Music is perfect to make yourself happy with. I love to jam out to MCR, because it's hard to be sad when I'm enthusiastically singing to "Helena" or "Welcome To The Black Parade"!

#3-Sweet Foods!
Sweets are such a great thing! They can be decorated cutely, and taste awesome! Chocolate can actually help with depression too!

#4- Kawaii Things!
Knowing that kawaii things exist in this world makes me so happy. Just looking at kawaii (cute) things can improve your mood and make you happy too!

Upcycling makes me happy because 1. it helps the environment (which is where you live, so you should care too!) and 2. it can create some awesome things! I love seeing the creative ways people upcycle!

What are you happy about?
Love always,