Top 5 Things I Love About Fall!

Ciao lovelies! In this Top 5 Tuesday post, I'll tell you the Top 5 Things I love about Fall!
Things I love about Fall

#1- The beautiful colors!
Fall is the season of beautiful color everywhere! Leaves become stained with red or yellow or orange, the trees look like they're on fire, and the contrast of firey forests with the bright blue sky is so stunning!

#2- The weather is finally cool enough to do fun things!
Summer is too hot and humid to go out and do anything fun. Winter is too oppressively cold to go out and do anything fun. Enter Fall- the perfect temperature.

I could ramble for hours about my deep deep deep love with Halloween, but I will sum it up here simply by saying- ITS PERFECT.

Pumpkin is the most perfect flavor there is! I looove pumpkin pie the best though. And pumpkin Whoopie pies!

#5- Everyone is more happy in the fall!

What's your favourite season?
Love always,