Num Noms- Review

Ciao lovelies! So the other day I was in target, and saw these new capsule things? And I LOVE blind boxes / bags (as shown by my huge tsumtsum addiction). And cel bought me one, and then I bought myself another. I'll be reviewing the second one here.
So, the one I got was a Berry one, which was pretty cute!
 So, let me explain these toys. The outside of the toy is a squishy cover that is shaped like a food and smells good. The inside is a lipgloss or stamp! 
Inside this one was a lipgloss! My other one (which was a burger) was also a lipgloss.
I love how they smell, they smell delicious! 
My only complaint about these is the price, $4 is very steep, so I won't be buying these as often as I buy blind bag tsums. (Since tsums are only $3). 
So overall, 4/5, only due to price!
Love always,


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