Bunny Bun Tutorial and Casual Goth OOTD

Bunny Bun? Yes! How to do a Bunny Bun, Under the Cut:
You'll need:
Your hair
2 hairties
A brush
A usamimi ponytail band

Step One:
Put your hair in a high ponytail. Tease(Backcomb) the ponytail until it's big and fluffy.
Step Two:
Twist the ponytail and then carefully twist it into a bun. Secure the bun with another hairtie and some hair spray.
Step Three:
Carefully put the usamimi band over the bun. Resecure with hairspray and then pose the bunny ears until you look like a bunny from the front:
And you're done!
On to the OOTD:
Casual SummerGoth OOTD!
Usamimi- Hot Topic- $7
Choker- Aliexpress- $2
Top- Salvation Army- $2
Skirt- Goodwill- $2
Sandals- Unknown (they were a present)
Being comfy in the summer heat- Priceless!

Love always,