Today's Anime Club Adventures!

Hey lovelies!
I had a super cool adventure today!

 Wig- aliexpress $17
Blouse- thrifted, not sure how much
Skirt- handmade from a thrifted dress
Ribbon tie- from an old dress
Socks- hot topic $7
Shoes- payless $10
Gloves- aliexpress $1-2
Skeleton hand clips - aliexpress $1

Eyeliner- elf
Eyeshadow- dollar store pallet
Lipstick- flowers whisper
No mascara or foundation today!
My cat Bear was rubbing up against the velvet
Adventure time!!
So today I went to my library's anime club for the first time in a few years.
Its really changed.
It used to be...well a lot more fun
Plus there were more girls!!
Today, my stepsis and I were the only girls!
All we did in the club was watch some anime..
The club used to be like sharing cosplay pics and cosplay tips and showing Each other our fave amvs and cmvs.. Plus we had pocky and hello panda snacks.
But I think it is a good start.
It reminds me how I want to keep working on my Aristocrats and Royals club.
And maybe I'll volunteer at the library and make the anime club awesome too!
Love always,
Lady Luna