Thrifting and Dollar Tree Haul/Adventures

Ciao lovelies so yesterday the squad went thrifting and to dollar tree! Here's my haul:
So thrifting I got the two silver trays (for a Tea Party/Filming/Photoshoot for The Aristocrats and Royals club for TMW), I got the Unexplained Mysteries book (which I'll probably be posting some of the mysteries in the book on this blog for you all). Then I got the Hello Kitty barettes, Rose clips, and Glittery Clothespins all in the same bag for $2 (total deal). Not pictured was a little shotglass i got for Ame that says "Lucky in Love"
At Dollar tree I mostly got stuff for the tea party, the 2 liter of strawberry lemonade, the cups, the poppers, the tablecloth, the cookies and the candies are for the tea party. I got myself eyeliner and not pictured a Lisa Frank stickerbook.
We went home and chilled for a bit where I got this hilarious pic of Ame sleeping:
I snacked on candy left from the graduation party:
and took a pretty pouty face selfie:
thats all for now dears
Love always,


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