PinchMe Unboxing/Review

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm going to write about a site/subscription box called PinchMe! is a site that creates a box of free samples every so often (as they don't release them on a usual schedule.) The site's tagline is "The opportunity to try before you buy".
You sign up, and answer the profile questions to become eligible for a box. 
On Sample Tuesday, you'll add the samples you qualify for into your box and send it off, and then in 4-6 weeks it'll be on your door step.
I don't remember which sample tuseday this box is from, but Today I found a PinchMe box in my mailbox:
So far I have noticed that the boxes do get beat up a bit in the mail.
Usually they are small enough to fit in the mailbox though.
The contents:
So, let's start with the "not so goods". So that Hidden Valley thing is liquid. and Yogurt based. And was sitting in my hot mailbox in the sun on a summer day all day. YUCK. So I threw that away, obviously. Gross....Maybe PinchMe should've just done a coupon for that one.
Anyway, everything else is great!
The ZzzQuil Sample I've gotten before, so I already know it's effectiveness and all, but sometimes they do repeat samples.
The Purina is a great sample, very large. Actually, last time we got a cat food sample from PinchMe, our cats ended up liking the product so much that we became a repeat purchaser. Since I'm 90% sure that's the intention, good job on that one, PinchMe!

Overall, it's an awesome site/service. It costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time, and your feedback on the samples!
You should know that you will not always qualify to receive samples on Sample Tuesday, but you should still keep trying, because you may qualify for something better down the line.
Plus, if you get on their mailing list, you might get into other sweet offers. For example, I was able to get into some makeup product testing offers through PinchMe's emailing subscription!
I highly reccomend this site, and you should definitely take a few moments of your time to sign up and start getting your samples! 

Love always,

Please note! This post is NOT sponsored. I am merely sharing my opinions on this site.