Photography Tips ! (DIY Photo Background)

The original inspiration for this post comes from Violet LeBeaux! Please read her post before you read mine!
 In today's post, I'll show you my take on Violet LeBeaux's Photography Backdrop DIY and give you some Photography tips!
To begin with, I'll show you all my take on the backdrop Idea:
 The setup is basic, just a quarter of Fabric duct taped to the wall with some hanging down onto the floor.
It looks simple enough, but I love the effect it gives when in use:
 It works best with the small objects (because of the creases in the fabric)
And yes, my boy doll does have fairy wings. Don't judge his life choices.
Enough about the backdrop though, it's pretty simple. On to the cooler Photog tips!
(Some may be common sense and some are just my opinion, please take these with a grain of salt as I am not a professional.)
 I personally like the effect it gives to tilt the camera into the direction of the sun, only let a bit of sun cause the glare, and capture sunbeams. It's quite tranquil.
 To get this effect, I just shot the picture through one fence, with the other fence in front of the subject. This effect could be faked by holding up any sort of "blocking" element to the lens.
 To get the shadow effect on Ame's face and arms, I made sure the light source (the sun) was to the back of him and I was in front and in his shadow.
To get a cool action shot, just basically be lower than the subject. I took this pic with the camera held against the ground and tilted up.

I hope some of that is useful!
Love always,
Lady Luna


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