DIY PJ Top From Old T-Shirt

Hello dears! In today's post, I'll show you how to make a PJ or Roomwear top out of an old T-shirt!
Let's get started!
Old T-shirt, desired decourations, hot glue or needle and thread
Step One:
use an old tight fitted tank top to measure out where to cut on your oversized old tee.
Step Two:
Sew along the sides only. Cut away the excess.
Step Three:
hem the top of the tube top. no need to hem the bottom because of where it was cut from the shirt.
Step Four:
lay out your design and hot glue or sew it in place. Personally, I used hot glue because I won't put a lot of wear and tear on this (and I'm lazy) but if you think you will wear it alot, sew it in place. Also, if you think you will wash it a lot, sew in place because hot glue is not washer machine proof.
ALSO IN THIS STEP: I forgot to take pictures (sorry!). but cut six strips of the t shirt fabric. make two braids and sew or glue them on as straps.
And you're Done!:
I paired mine with my manatee shorts and a nice Black Cat manga to read before bed. (And yes, that is a Winnie The Pooh blanket!)
If I did this project again, knowing what I know now, I would probably:  If I made it again for heavier wear I'd definitely sew on the designs, not hot glue. And I'd make the top a bit longer.
Thanks for reading! I hope this was useful!
Love, Lady Luna