DIY Fingerless Gloves from an Old T-shirt!

Hello Dears, in this post I'll show you how to make your own personalized fingerless gloves from an old t-shirt! This is what the finished product looks like:
Let's start!
What you'll need: 
stretchy fabric (not too stretchy but the fabric can't be completely stiff. i used an old nightdress/swimsuit cover that had a tshirt like fabric)
sewing machine or needle and thread
your arms!
sharpie or black fabric paint
first, you'll need to trace your arms and thumb onto your fabric.:
Next, sew up the lines you drew, do NOT sew the top, thumbhole, or bottom closed. turn inside out and try on to ensure it fits, then hem the top and bottom and cut the excess fabric off the thumbhole.
Next, slip a peice of cardboard into the glove. now you can make symbols and designs with either a sharpie or fabric paint!
one side of one, LLS stands for my real name
second side of the same one, LTW is lead the way. i repeated the designs on the front and back of the other glove.
finished products!
This was super easy and super fun! I hope you enjoyed it too!


  1. Great Post Dear………keep posting!!!
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  2. Thanks for the tutorial. You're the first written one that actually made sense and was simple. Going 5o make me a ton of these.


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