Aliexpress Review (8 Punk Items)

Hello Dears! Here is an 8 Item Aliexpress Review!
Card Symbol Ring and Black Stone Ring: 0/10 Never Arrived
Studded Bracelets: 10/10 I bought two, one for myself and one for a friend so we could match. They look great! Just like the picture!
                               Price: $0.82
Studded Earrings: 8/10 These look just like the picture but they are super uncomfortable.
                             Price: $0.30
Hair Extension in Red: 10/10 Looks just like the picture, clips in comfortably, doesn't slip.
                                      Price: $0.50
Belt Bracelet/Necklace: 10/10 Looks just like the picture, can be worn both ways, very versatile.
                                        Price: $0.64
Cross Necklace: 9/10 Looks just like the picture! However, some sort got into the package and I had to clean it out of the necklace. I ended up moving the cross to a choker with black ribbon.
                             Price: $1.11
Skeleton Hand Clips: 10/10 entirely satisfactory, looks just like the picture and they're super comfy.
                                    Price: $0.80

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with this order. Aliexpress is definitely my go-to place to get cheap accessories!