Seifuku, Skirt, and Jellies Review! (Bodyline and Topshop)

Hi lovelies! So a while ago I made some orders, and recently they both came in, so I thought I'd do some reviews!
First up, I wanna address an annoying issue. Shipping!!! The package got to the US just fine, but USPS held my package in customs for over a week. Not cool, USPS!
Onto the review, starting with the Seifuku!
I can't link it because Bodyline hasn't restocked it yet...But I got it for $4 during their huge sale before they made the new site. It's pretty nice, what you'd expect from a Bodyline costume. It's basic polyester fabric and can be a little stuffy. Plus, the skirt is very very short, so please be aware of that!
The ribbon detailing on the skirt is pretty nice and matches the ribbons on the collar. On some parts it looks pink, but I think it's just the reflection from the skirt fabric.
The pleats are nice and even, so I was really happy with that as well. The skirt has Bodyline's usual fastener at the top and zipper down the side, but also has small places of elastic on the sides, which helps it to be more comfortable.
The shirt fastens with two snap buttons on the top and a zipper down the rest. It's pretty easy to get on and off.
Overall, I'd give it a 4/5 with a side comment of "You get what you pay for!".
Next up, the skirt!
I ordered this skirt in pink. It was $8, and also a part of their big sale.
(Please ignore my messy room!) Ok, first thing. The skirt is quite heavy because of the layers of ruffle at the bottom, but the fabric for the main skirt is a little thin. It's a very strange combo.
The little bunny embellishments are POCKETS! <3
The ruffles are quite thick and consist of beaded lace, what feels like cotton lace, and gingham fabric that's thicker than the main skirt fabric.
The little bows on the skirt are pretty stiff as well.
The waist ties are held on by ACTUAL buttons (not the usual pearl things Bodyline likes to use) so i was pleasantly surprised, and they're decourated at the ends with beaded lace and a bow.
And here's the first outfit I did with it (without a petticoat). I didn't use the detachable bow and instead have it stashed in my cosplay accessories box. Overall? 5/5. It's much much nicer than I expected.


First up, a small story! So I wanted my own Jellies for a while after seeing them all over tumblr, but since I have weird sized feet I could never find them in my size! Finally my mommy and I found them on Topshop (they no longer have these specific pair but they have others!). At first I was worried about the shipping since they were coming from England, but the shipping was free, and the shoes were only $10! Plus they arrived like 2 days early! I'd like to thank my awesome mommy for buying these for me!
 They're sparkly and oh so cute!
 The heel is a little higher than I was expecting, but not too high for me to walk in, so that's a plus.
 They're buckled with a plastic buckle.
Overall, I'd say 5/5! I love them so much!