DIY T-Shirt to Tank Top!

Hi lovelies! In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a cute tank top from an old tshirt! So let's start!
Today's Project is a cute ruffly tank top shirt made out of an old t-shirt.

What You'll Need
An old tshirt
A sewing needle and thread (or a sewing machine)
Measuring tape
(Not gonna lie) a little patience too.

  Lay the shirt out flat, inside out
 Measure your bust, then divide that number in half. Make chalk marks on each end of the measurements, but add an extra inch(or cm) for seam allowance. Luckily, t shirt fabric is very forgiving, so even if you don't leave enough, you should still be able to fit.
 Extend the chalk marks down to the bottom of the shirt. Cut off the excess.
 Sew the sides closed and hem the top.
 Turn the shirt right side out. For the bib part, I'm using felt. I'm laying it out and cutting it out accordingly.
 I want to make lines with ribbon so i'm marking at each inch.
 Then sewing the ribbon on.
 And done.
 Add lace around the border.
 Lay the bib on the shirt to make sure it looks like you want it.
 I also added a collar. and sewed the whole thing on.
 I'm trying on the bodice on the mannequin.
Now mark where the straps should go. Sew simple straps out of ribbon and lace and then sew them on your markings.
And done, mission success! Sorry I blocked out my face but I looked all tired and gross.