DIY Shoe Upgrade!

In this post I'll show you how to upgrade your old ballet flat shoes! Let's get started!
 We'll be making a shoe styled like "Tea Parties".
What you'll need-
An old Pair of Ballet Flats
Glue or Hot Glue
Desired Decourations
First, I attached loops of ribbon to the back of the flats.
Next, I made the bows I wanted to attach to the shoes.
Next I attached the decourations I wanted to the shoes. I just glued down the bows first and the buttons ontop.
Now comes the tricky part. Take the ribbon and measure around your ankle with wiggle room, and enough room to tie a bow. Cut two pieces of ribbon of this length and finish the ends. Thread these through the loops on the back of the shoes.
Now just try on your new upgraded shoes by slipping into them and tying the ribbon around your ankles. Just remember to tie the ribbon in a bow when you're done so it doesn't slip out of the loop!
If I did this Project again I would: Use thicker ribbon!
Thanks for reading!