Game Review- Bioshock Infinite

It's time for another review! This time I'm reviewing a video game- Bioshock Infinite!
Here's one of the trailers for the game first-
 Graphics- 5/5
It's an amazing looking game, plus Elizabeth's facial expressions are hilarious. The cutscenes are fantastic.
Characters- 5/5
This part's a little biased out of my love for Elizabeth- both in the game and the DLC. The information about the characters is revealed throughout the gameplay.
Storyline- 4/5
While I love the story, the end is hard to understand.
I love the historical bits, like Booker being a Pinkerton.
Did I mention I love Elizabeth? She starts out as such an ingenue but her character development is beautiful. Plus she pulls some lovely facial expressions like this one-
The dialogue is hysterically funny.

Spoilers under here!!!!!

Elizabeth really got me for this game, truly. Her personality is crafted wonderfully, and her character development is perfect. The game makers really captured the way someone loses their innocence -and possibly remorse- after being subjected to harsh reality. By having Elizabeth kill Daisy, the player is not only shocked but also feels sorry for Elizabeth. You can really see the terror on her face, and how horrified and confused she is.
Did I mention what she ends up as in the DLC? Wow~

WOWWWW...Okay getting past the looks- I actually can admire this change in Elizabeth. She takes back her life, but understands that using Sally to do it was not okay, and goes back and saves her, giving her own life for Sally to have a happy ending. Also she got revenge on every version of her oppressor in every universe- and I gotta say, that's pretty dedicated.

I'm kinnnd of in love with her, lawl.

Sorry that my review was sooo Elizabeth oriented~
also- This game got me into an AMAZING band called Nico Vega (Check them out!)
Oh! Here's a feels trip before you go (This makes me sob like a baby!)