Bodyline Review (3 items)

Hi Princesses/Lovelies! I'm sorry for not posting so frequently lately due to my exams. But now that I'm pretty much done, I'll have time for much more posting!
So now On to the review!
So I ordered three things with the money from selling my ringdance dress;
 They came in recently so I could make my Alice Co-ord for AMA and also a casual cute co-ord.
First, the dress!
The dress itself is nice and comfy. I really love the lace on the collar and the heart shaped buttons. I haven't worn the detachable sleeves with it yet. The dress is a good fit on me and I like the skirt length. I don't really like how the buttons on the inside of the sleeves poke into my arms but I know why they're there so.... Definitely good for being in their cosplay/maid section. Plus the included headbow is cute!
Dress- 5/5
Next, the apron!
The apron is really cute. I like the overall design. I was kinda surprised that the bow was detachable in the back. However the buttons on it were kinda cheap and some broke from me trying to use them. I'm probably going to take off the rest of the cheaper buttons and replace them with my own buttons. Over all though, not bad for costume stuff.
Apron- 4/5
Next, the tights!
I really wanted tights like this since I first saw them, in fact, they were on my body line wishlist! They are super cute, and I like the aesthetic of them. But they are kinda scratchy; however they were really cheap so it's not bad for the price.
Tights- 4/5
Finally, the necklace!
The little bunny necklace is very cute! The clasp is easy to do and I love how there is a little ace of hearts card attached. The eye is more pink than red, (cuz it looks red in the photo).
Necklace- 5/5
Overall I'm really happy with this order. I even thought about buying the same dress in black and embroidering crosses on the collar and skirt. But then I saw some other dress on Infanta... I gotta remember to save for it.


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