Make Money from Your Art? How to Start a Side Job as an Artist! – Royals Lesson!

Ciao lovelies! Today Nightsong and I are collaborating to bring you a post all about how to make money from your art! We will be discussing how to start a side job as an artist!


-          Figure out what kind of art you want to sell, whether that’s paintings, drawings, digital art, etc. 

-          Decide on commission types: Aka what is your price for each section within your selected medium… for example Drawing commission types, prices vary based on sketch, line-art, full color, no color, shading, no shading….

-          Commission rules, AKA “I won’t draw gore..” AS WELL AS “Please only use this on ____ platform, don’t re-sell my art…”

-          Making a commission form. Basically, you ask questions about what the person wants from you, for example ask them to provide you picture references, desired color palette, size, etc.

-          Market yourself on all your socials, if you don’t have specific socials for your art business already, make some!


-          For drawings, paintings, etc, ask for approval from the customer when it’s in its concept/sketch phases. Make sure they like the direction you are taking it. 

-          Make the commission! 
-          ALWAYS GET PAYMENT BEFORE YOU SEND IT (Nightsong tip) Or get half payment before you send it and half when it arrives to the customer.

-          Try to be as flexible as is appropriate, don’t let yourself get walked on or taken advantage of.


-          Use services like Redbubble to sell Stickers and other merch of your art.

-          Digital art can be sold as “adoptables” (Nightsong will talk about this in a later post)

-          Use services like Shutterfly, etc to sell prints.

-          Entering Art Contests!

Overall, good luck! We believe in you! If you have an art account and want some promos, tag us on Instagram @onlyfunthingsblog and we’ll promo you (so long as your art is SFW, family friendly, and appropriate!)

Thanks so much for reading, remember to love yourself, and we’ll see you in our next post!

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Nightsong and Lunaria !


  1. You make this sound so easy. As a freelance multi-media artist myself, there's a lot more that goes in to it than this, and it depends entirely on what type of artist you are and the work that you do. This is extremely narrow-minded.

    1. I understand where you are coming from and why you might be offended, but respectfully I have to disagree. This article was created with advice from someone who sells their art online in the way the article outlines. I, myself, only sell stickers online, and so I brought in outside help to consult with for this post. That being said, no-where in this post does it say that the methods outlined here are the only ways to make money from art. This is merely some examples and methods people may use.

      Again, this reply is coming from a place of respect. I am sorry that I offended you to the point of you calling this article narrow minded, and I do see where you are coming from, but again, this post is in no way, shape, or form intended to be the only way for someone to sell art.

      Best regards and thank you for your feedback,
      Lunaria L Moon

    2. Pointing out the fact that it's a narrow-minded point of view doesn't mean I was offended, but clearly you were my dear.

    3. I don't think explaining my point of view is offended. Sorry if you thought I was.
      Best Regards,
      Lunaria L Moon

  2. I can't see why this would upset a serious artist. To any artist I've even known, this is very basic knowledge. Redbubble, society6, store-nvy, etc are all very popular and well known to any serious artist and commission work is basically common knowledge in the art world. You just do it, and it's very different from artist to artist. Every artist has their own way of doing commissions, and many are capable of selling without them. This lacks a lot of detail and is unfortunately a useless post if you want an honest opinion.

    1. I appreciate the honest opinion- however I have to disagree, many who are new to selling art may not know of these sites/resources and may not know how the commission process works.

      But I do appreciate the honesty, and thank you for reading.

      Best Regards,
      Lunaria L Moon

    2. That's exactly my point. There is no one true way to commission processing.


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